From Design to Delivery

We are a specialised electrical manufacturer providing extensive solutions for your components

including product developmentand testing, tooling design, jig design and manufacture,manufacture

programming, injection moulding, punching, welding, wiring and assembly.

Automation Design Center

Intelligent manufacturing

Automation design and we have our own r&d team, according to different products, independent research and development and optimization, to ensure the consistency of our own production efficiency and product, at the same time we also the application of the visual system, PLC, industrial PC, several key technology such as robots and industrial iot in our equipment, It has broken through the automation production and management which is difficult to realize in many parts production.

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Mould Center

Precision Tooling

Facilities 01

Mold center now has more than 30 experienced, skilled mold design, process planning and processing assembly technicians team. The mold center is equipped with CNC machining workshop, slow wire cutting workshop, middle wire cutting workshop, precision grinding workshop and mold assembly workshop. With the help of ERP mold integrated management system and CAD/CAM/CAE design technology, it is used for mold design, manufacturing and testing.

Welding Workshop

Precision welding process requirements

Facilities 02

The spot welding components adopt scientific and reasonable technology to develop tooling and checking tools, and Panasonic spot welding equipment is selected. The effective control of 4M change point on site ensures that the products are not deformed or discolored, and that each product can pass through the checking tools easily without stuck lag, ensuring efficient user assembly.

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Assmbly Workshop

Efficiency and consistency

Facilities 03

We have nearly 100 fully automatic assembly and spot welding equipment to meet the different needs of our customers. All the equipment is independently developed, designed and assembled by us to ensure the consistency and efficiency of the products. At the same time, we are constantly optimizing and improving various assembly schemes and designs to reduce our costs.

Stamping Workshop

Precision welding process requirements

Facilities 004

Exquisite comes from details, INTEMANU not only has in-depth research in product material selection, mold material selection and other aspects, and uses reasonable technology to check products, to ensure that each product easily through the fixture, and no lag, product consistency to achieve the best, to meet the user automatic assembly efficient.