Advanced Testing Facilities

Our laboratory was designed according to the UL, VDE, EN and IEC

International standards and also meets the test requirements of all INTEMANU products.


RoHS Labs

Testing for restricted substances


XGT-5000WR Fluorescence spectrometer. XGT-1000WR Fluorescence spectrophotometer (test Pb, Cd Cr, Hg, Br etc. Harmful element). TU-1901 double beam UV-visible light spectrophotometer (test Cr), GC-MSD Gas chromatograph (test PBBs, PBDEs, PAHs).

Force Labs

Testing for Drawing forces and Stresses


We have universal force measuring instruments to test the pulling force, pressure and load bearing force of products to meet customer's requirements for firmness and any other related mechanical requirements

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Measure Labs

Testing for Dimensions and accuracy


Using different high-precision instruments to constantly test the size of products to meet the accuracy requirements is the first condition to ensure the quality of products, because most of our products are processed in an automated way, the accuracy requirements are very high

Salt Mist Labs

Testing for salt spray test


The purpose of salt spray test is to examine the quality of salt spray corrosion resistance of products or metal materials, and the judgment of salt spray test result is the judgment of product quality, its judgment result is correct and reasonable, is the key to correctly measure the quality of salt spray corrosion resistance of products or metal.

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