Arc chute for ACB XMA4RL/XMA4RS/XMA4GS

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SIZE(mm): 144.5*89*143.5/145*69*141/146*69*141.5

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The mechanism of arc chamber is used to form a cavity to discharge gas outward,so the high-temperature gas can be discharged quickly, and the arc can be accelerated to enter the arc chamber.  The arc is divided into many serial short arcs by metal grids, and the voltage of each short arc is reduced to stop the arc.  The arc is drawn into the arc chamber and cooled by grids to increase the arc resistance.


2 XMA4RL Air circuit breaker Arc Extinguishing Chamber
3 XMA4RL Circuit breaker parts Arc chute
4 XMA4RL ACB parts Arc chute
5 XMA4RL Air circuit breaker parts Arc chute

Mode No.: XMA4RL

Material: IRON DC01, BMC

Number of Grid Piece(pc): 16

Weight(g): 2363


Cladding: NICKLE

2 XMA4RS Air circuit breaker parts Arc chamber
3 XMA4RS Arc chute
4 XMA4RS Arc chamber
5 XMA4RS Arc Extinguishing Chamber

Mode No.:XMA4RS

Material: IRON DC01, BMC

Number of Grid Piece(pc): 19

Weight(g): 1808.5

Size(mm): 145*69*141

Cladding: NICKLE

2 XMA4RS Air circuit breaker Arc chute
3 XMA4RS Circuit breaker Arc chambe
4 XMA4RS ACB arc chamber
5 XMA4RS Air circuit breaker Arc chamber

Mode No.:XMA4GS

Material: IRON DC01, BMC

Number of Grid Piece(pc): 19

Weight(g): 1825

Size(mm): 146*69*141.5

Cladding: NICKLE

Electroplating: The grid piece can be plated by zinc, nickel or other kinds of cladding material as customer required.

Place of Origin: Wenzhou, China

Applications: MCB, miniature circuit breaker

Brand Name: INTERMANU or customer’s brand as required

Samples: Samples are free, but customer need to pay for the freight charge

Lead Time: 10-30 days is needed

Supply Ability: 30,000,000 per month

Packing: Firstly they will be packed in poly bags and then cartons or wooden pallet

Port: Ningbo, Shanghai, Guangzhou and so on

Surface Treatment: Zinc, Nickel, copper and so on

MOQ: The MOQ depends of different kinds of product

Production Process: Riveting & Stamping

Installation: Manual or automatic

Mould Customization: We can make mould for customers.


1. Q: Can you offer mould making services?
A: We have made many mould for different customers for years.

2. Q: How about the guarantee period?
A: It varies according the different kinds of product. We can negotiate it before place an order.

3. Q: What is your production capacity?
A: We can produce 30,000,000 pcs every month.

4. Q: How about the scale of your factory?
A: Our total area is 7200 square meter. We have 150 staffs, 20 sets of punch machines, 50 set of riveting machines, 80 sets of point welding machines and 10 sets of automation equipments.

5. Q: What tests do you have to confirm the quality of the arc chamber?
A: We have a incoming inspection for the raw material and process inspection for the rivet and stamping. There is also final statistical audit which consisting the measurement of sizes, tensile test and coat examine.

6. Q: What is the cost for the customized mould? Will it be returned?
A: The cost varies according to the products. And I can be returned depends on agreed terms.

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arc chamber02
arc chamber03

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